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The Jagir (fiefdom) of Piplia was graced by generations of valiant rulers, and each one of them contributed significantly to its glorious chapters of history with their brains, blood & blade. Here are a few intriguing tales of their gallantry and heroism. Truly, a blast from the past! 

Legendary Lineage

Rulers of the erstwhile thikana of Piplia are descendants of the eminent warrior Maharaj Shakti Singh - second son of Maharana Udai Singh II (the founder of Udaipur) and the younger brother of Maharana Pratap (the celebrated ruler of Mewar).

During the reign of Maharana Amar Singh I, Piplia was ruled by the notorious Hathiram Chandrawat who looted the Maharana’s valuables while they were being transported from Patan to Udaipur via Piplia. When the furious Maharana ordered the arrest of Hathiram, he was taken into custody and presented before him by Kalyan Singh, the grandson of Maharaj Shakti Singh.

Pleased with this act of bravery and dedication, Maharana Amar Singh awarded the thikana of Piplia to Kalyan Singh, and from there on, his successors became the rulers of this province with the title of Rawat – a local equivalent to Raja. 

Camaraderie with the Marathas

During the reign of Maharana Sangram Singh II, Chattrapati Maharaj Shahu was ruling over the Maratha empire. In this period, the Jagirdars of Satara revolted against their sovereign, and an anxious Chattrapati reached out to the Maharana for help. On his request, the Maharana sent Rawat Bagh Singh (great grandson of Kalyan Singh), to pacify the Jagirdars towards Shahu. 

When Bagh Singh succeeded in restoring peace & order in the state, Shahu issued an order in his honour which is roughly translated as follows: “I urge all the Jagirdars to maintain reverence, respect and honour towards Bagh Singh and his heirs. They are great virtuous rulers of our community. It is their courage because of which our Hindu states still exist. I have been greatly obliged by them. Anybody not obeying my orders and disrespecting Bagh Singh and his heirs will be severely punished.” 

Years later, when Rawat Bagh Singh’s successor Jai Singh visited Chattrapati Shahu as the Maharana’s representative, he was treated with the same love and respect as his father, and he is even known to have addressed the Chattrapati as Kaka, meaning uncle.

A Celestial Boon

Rawat Gokuldas, who ruled Piplia three generations after Rawat Bagh Singh was granted a boon by the Naag Devta (Snake God) to cure people of snake bites. This healing power continues to cast its magic even today, and the eldest male member of the family is still believed to possess the ability to rectify the affect of snake bites. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction! 

Courage Under Fire!

While Rawat Gokuldas was the ruler of Piplia, the Maratha army began attacking several territories with the aim to expand their kingdom. Since Piplia was strategically located on the border of Mewar State, it was the first province to face the fury of invading armies. 

The Marathas sent a message to Rawat Gokuldas asking him to either give expenses for the maintenance of Maratha army or to vacate the fort. On Gokuldas’s refusal to accept either of the proposals, the Maratha army surrounded the fort. A fierce battle was fought between the two armies which lasted for a month, until the Maratha army was forced to retreat. This was consequently followed by several other battles with the Marathas and other invaders, but the fearless warriors of Piplia held their fort against all odds. 

Royalty Rewards Loyalty!

When Maharana Swaroop Singh was the ruler of Mewar, a difference of opinion arose between the Jagirdars and the Maharana over a matter of great importance. Rawat Himmat Singh (son of Rawat Gokuldas) supported the Maharana during this period and stood by his side in these testing times. In lieu of his loyalty, the Maharana awarded him the ‘Patta’ (official document) of a beautiful mansion on the banks of Pichola Lake which from there on became Piplia Haveli.